School Council

Our School Council work very hard to:

1. Find things children in our school want to change
2. Come up with ways to make them better
3. Evaluate what works!
4. Help to raise money for charity

We meet at least every 2 weeks, usually on a Tuesday morning. The co-chairperson and vice-chairperson will lead the meeting and the secretaries will be taking notes each time (the minutes of our meeting).

One child from each class is elected to be their school council representative at the beginning of Term 1 and they attend each meeting. They also ask their class for their opinions and ideas and feedback at the meeting so they are the 'voice' of their class.

Projects we have worked on this year and are currently working on include:

Collective Worship monitoring.
Leading Collective Worships
Introduction of paper recycling in all classrooms.
Applying for and selecting a new play area for the children in KS1.
They helped raise over £400 for the NSPCC.