EYFS beach clean!

As part of their ‘Journeys’ topic for Science week, parents and children of Tigers and Monkeys class from Sturry CE Primary School spent Saturday morning at Herne Bay beach! The children placed messages they had written at school into a bottle and talked about how the sea could be used to transport messages. The messages will mysteriously find their way to different parts of the UK and the world and we expect the children to start receiving thank you letters from these places very soon!

The children have also been learning about recycling and pollution in the seas at school so after the message in a bottle, the whole party took part in a beach clean and managed to collect 3 bags and a Christmas tree!

A big thank you to everyone who took part and we hope the tea and coffee afterwards warmed everybody up!

Teacher Gary Ovenden said “We were so pleased that so many of our parents and children came here on such a cold and windy Saturday morning. The children were so excited to take our learning from science week and put it into a real life context!”