Photography at school events 

As many of you are aware, the school will often have events where parents/carers are invited into the school and we are sure that you would like to take pictures or videos of these events. If you wish to take pictures or videos at such an event, there is a strong possibility that other children will also be included within the picture. We do have some families, within our school, who do not wish for their children’s images to be taken and published.

Whilst we all enjoy and treasure images of our families and friends, we must ensure we protect and safeguard all children and staff, including those who do not want their images stored or shared online. 

  • Once posted and shared online, any image or video can be copied and will stay online forever. On social media websites, once you post the image, they own the rights of the image and can use this for their own use.
  • Some children are at risk and MUST NOT have their image put online. Not all members of the community will know who they are.
  • Some people do not want their images online for personal or religious reasons.
  • Some children and staff may have a complex family background which means that sharing their image online can have unforeseen consequences.

Therefore, in order to keep all members of the community safe, we must all ‘Think Before We Post’ online. At school, we are happy for parents and carers to take photos and videos for personal use of their individual children, however, we request that these images are not distributed or put online. This is to protect all members of the community. We would advise parents and carer’s to turn off their mobile devices during any performances and refrain from taking photos, so that the children are not being distracted whilst performing.  There will be always be an opportunity at the end of a performance for parents and carers to take individual photos of their child.

If this is found to be abused or not adhered to we will have to consider the prohibition of the use of cameras and videos at these events. We hope you will support us in this.